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Then one day we’ll all be the same

The Kallash are a 3,000-strong animist tribe that live in a remote valley in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, in the northwest of Pakistan. According to myth (but not the DNA), they are descendants of Alexander the Great. They are connected to the nearest town by the nine kilometre long Lowari tunnel. This makes it easier to get supplies in during the harsh winters, and has allowed them to strengthen their education system (they have only recently put their language into written form for the first time), but it has also exposed them to those who want them to convert to Islam, a threat that has increased since the rise of the Taliban.

In a comment on my piece, ‘The World is What it Is’, Joseph writes: “When I see people breaking across borders and implementing their freedom of movement, my heart lifts, be it in Spain, Mexico, Britain or Israel. I recognise that borders exist, just that I recognise that neo-liberalism exists. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try and change things.” For Joseph, the border is an obstacle to the spread of progressive politics, and is used to maintain artificially constructed divisions between peoples. For this reason, any attempt to break down borders is to be encouraged. Read more