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Tell the truth, Omar

Omar Barghouti supports the destruction of Israel. It’s very clear from his words and writings, and it would be better for all concerned if he had the guts to be honest about it. By destruction, I don’t necessarily mean he seeks the physical destruction of the Jewish State or the extermination of its citizens, although, judging by his equivocations when it comes to Hamas violence  (from the leader of a supposedly non-violent movement, remember) I wouldnt be surprised. Rather, he wants Israel to be replaced by a Palestinian-Arab state. Or, as his recently murdered friend Juliano Mer-Kharmis  put it so succinctly, “I’m in favour of a single Palestinian state from the river to the sea. If the Jews want to live with us, ahlan wasahlan (welcome).” Read more


Nationalist Service

That’s the headline of the disturbing Yediot story about an Israeli-Arab girl who is under pressure for doing national service. In the last couple of years, the government has been trying to encourage more Israeli-Arabs and Haredim to take part in this scheme, as an alternative to military service. It’s a win-win situation - the participants become more integrated into the life of the nation (while also receiving certain material benefits) and they give back to their communities. If I were in charge, I’d make it mandatory. Read more

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