False Dichotomies

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Us & Him

As an Israeli, Gideon Levy is the ultimate useful idiot for those whose life mission is the destruction of the mighty Zionist enterprise. In his weekly ‘Twilight Zone’ article, he reports on a different aspect of the occupation’s evils. Although he’s often lax with his journalistic standards in these pieces, I do think they do a service in highlighting the consequences of continued Israeli rule in the West Bank, and I’d agree with him that most Israelis are apathetic about the occupation. Giving him a weekly column, though, is a step too far.

What most winds me up about Levy is the consistency with which he speaks of ‘we’ and ‘us’ to talk of Israelis, when it’s clear that he doesn’t include himself in that particular collective, at least not when he’s about to launch yet another onslaught against it. This week, he’s banging on about Israelis abroad. “You might expect such a tourism-loving people to open its eyes and ears to what can be seen and heard around the globe; instead, we keep walling ourselves in against what the world thinks and feels…20,000 will come from the Sinai without seeing Egypt, thousands of students come home every year without exchanging a word with a Pole [he's referring to the March of the Living], and tens of thousands come back from Goa or the Tierra del Fuego without listening to what the Indians of South America or the Indians of India have to say. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have “done” America and Europe, east and west, and they will come home as oblivious and closed in as they were when they left.” As opposed to the other nations of the world, who are famous for travelling to beach resorts and isolated islands in order to find out as much as they can about local culture. Read more