False Dichotomies


The Abbreviated Read (14)

1. Playboy to provide first look at unfinished Nabokov novel.

2. The problem, in a nutshell.

3. Ball of confusion.

4. 7/7.

5. Cast Lead Revisited.

6. Long march in Gaza.

7. Chess, not checkers.

8. The great semi-colon debate.

9. New Zadie.

10. Tha Blaqprint.

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  1. Gabriel July 10th, 2009 9:15 pm

    The Michael Jackson coverage was one of the most depressing things I have ever seen and is indicative of the way journalism is melding into entertainment tonight. Mixed feelings about the Nabokov work. He’s one of the best writers I have ever read and would love to read anything he wrote. However, he didn’t want this published which, I think, trumps that. But it is tough.

    I think one of the many reasons Israel gets attacked so much for its military operations is a lack of understanding of what war is. Luckily, it has been generations since the masses had to fight in war and since then, many people have developed a video-game like view of war. War is chaos, where things go wrong constantly. This is very connected to the far left view of the powerful versus the powerless. In their world, the powerful have ultimate power, the power to do anything while the powerless have no power whatsoever. It’s just another black and white way of looking at the world.

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